Friday, November 21, 2014

Fantasy Formula 1: Season Comes to a Close

The F1 season enters its last race this weekend in Abu Dhabi, so no better time to check how the 4 Fantasy Formula1 leagues I entered are going.
Being honest I kinda needed the Fantasy element to be good because the actual racing on offer was slowly getting more and more boring. F1 has sort of stopped being a sport to me. I used to watch every race religiously back in the 80's and 90's, but nowadays its more like watching professional wrestling. Mercedes had the Constructors Championship sown up with a big chunk of races left to go. With less and less of a shake up in the placing's over the season, does anyone really care if Hamilton takes the title, or Rosberg sickens him in the final race? He can bridge the 17pt gap because the last race has ridiculously been deemed a double point race??
But what of the Fantasy games I posted about a few months back?

This is as exciting as it gets really.
In the Castrol EDGE Grand Prix Predictor game I sit in a comfortable 6356th place (there are 106k players) with 864pts (that's ahead of 3 of the 4 experts!). I 'achieved' this by basically putting Hamilton and Rosberg as my 1-2 with the Red Bulls and some others filling out the top ten. My best week was Round 2 at the Malaysian GP, 56% accuracy, while I have been distinctly average since then.
F1 Manager 2014 seemed like a good game to begin with. But soon you just use all your money to get Mercedes drivers and the Mercedes chassis and engine. So by the end everyone has the same team and the league table is pretty much set (I'm guessing). I have been slowly moving up the rankings every week but have placed in much the same position race by race. For the last nine races I have finished in a band that covers only 162 places. I have even managed the exact same points for the last four races, but as I said, everyone got those points. So really I tied with the best in the world. Hurrah!! The only thing that kept me logging in week to week was that you can guess the poletime and maybe get some extra points. But at least this Fantasy League is still going......
Racing had to stop taking scores after the Hungarian GP because F1 decided the website was violating their intellectual property and committing an online game infringement or some such. Oh Dear!
Fantasy also fell foul of the money men at F1 and had to close their game down too. These sites were not using any pictures or likenesses of F1 cars or drivers, but even if they altered the names they could not use the results of any races as they were copyrighted by F1.
So only two Fantasy Formula1 games left standing going into the final race and they are boring as hell! I can't really say if I'll be too hyped up to play Fantasy Formula1 in 2015. I'm thinking that F1 itself will have to get more exciting first.

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