Friday, January 16, 2015

Fantasy NFL: Season Recap

This season I played only three Fantasy NFL games; Yahoo, ESPN and Official NFL. I dropped the Fox Sports game this year, as it was just a very annoying game to play. I had two teams in each game. Some did good, some did bad, some did okay. Let's have a look at how things went.


My first team, Famagusta Punterama, finished with a 9-5 record and in fourth position. I was seeded second going into the playoffs, but lost the semi final and third place game in embarrassing fashion. In the semi-final my team missed their projected points total by nearly 40 points, while in the last game I left 47 points sitting on the bench.

A reminder that Luck is sometimes against you!
My second team, the imaginatively titled 'garry's Team', also finished 9-5. They just came up short in the championship game, losing by 10.76 pts. It was a loss of my own making as I played Matt Ryan (17.58) at QB and left Russell Wilson (36.36) twiddling his thumbs. I also left another 20 points on the bench but that's another story!

NFL Fantasy

A record of 10-4 for my first team was not enough to see them have a solid playoff spell. Losing the semi-final before losing the third place game by a heart-breaking 0.42 points. My opponent made up the difference on the Monday night game too which was hard to watch! I had to settle for fourth place in the end.

My second team in the Official NFL Fantasy Football game finished with a 7-7 record and had to make do with a fifth place finish. That my team would have beaten all four top seeds in week 15 was a little hard to swallow too. Winning the 'Most Satisfying Player' trophy that week with Odell Beckham was not much consolation either! But there is always next year.


Okay, let's get this out of the way. Of the 10 teams in this league I finished tenth. A 4-9 record for the season is not anything to write home about. I wish I could say I was given a really tough schedule, but my team had the lowest 'points for' of all the teams, and the third lowest 'points against'. I had a Quarterback rotation of Brees, Flacco and Dalton. So that didn't go too well......

Let's end on a high note. My final team, Shanghai Horses (not sure where I got that name from!), rode a 4 game winning streak to finish 8-5 and then smash the second seed 251-171 in the semi-final before upsetting the 12-1 number one seed in the final by 219-198. I was 10pts behind going into week 17, but thanks to Beckham, Bryant and Romo, my team turned it around for the win.

It's not how you start, its how you finish

A pretty solid season all around. I was probably a little too reliant on the Bengals Defence and Dalton at the start of the season. A situation that inevitably leads you to looking at the waiver wire from then on. These Fantasy games are solid. Similar in ways, but just different enough. Maybe I will add another Fantasy NFL game next season. Any recommendations? We will just have to wait and see. Also, since my beloved Bengals limped out at the wildcard stage again, I have no interest in who wins the Super Bowl this year!!

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