Saturday, March 22, 2014

ICC World T20 Fantasy Cricket

The ICC World Twenty20 in Bangladesh kicks off proper this weekend. I say properly, as we have already had a number of early matches to determine which two teams will join the big 8 teams that make up both groups in the Super 10. The two teams that qualified, in what was a truly exciting knockout round of group games, was Bangladesh and the Netherlands. In fact this would have been posted yesterday, but seeing as I had 3 Irish players in my team, only to see them hand the Dutch 6 after 6 and let them go top of the group and qualify for Group 1 of the Super 10, I had to go back and rejig my whole team.
I'll be honest, I do not have too much experience when it comes to Fantasy Cricket games, but I'm hoping that the Official ICC game will give me a flavour for it in the future.
You can join it here
It is laid out similar to many (of the poorer) Rugby Fantasy games. But the look can be forgiven if it plays a good game right?
Your team can be made up of three formations:
Five batsmen, two all-rounders, one wicket-keeper and three bowlers, (I'm going with this one) or
Four batsmen, three all-rounders, one wicket-keeper and three bowlers, or
Four batsmen, two all-rounders, one wicket-keeper and four bowlers.
Some rules you need to adhere to at the start: Only 3 players from any one team (going up to 6 from the semi-finals on). Only 3 players who are designated Star players.
My three Star players are Kohli, Gayle and McCullum, and I am making Sri Lanka's Sangakkara my captain. I'm hoping that on top of his wicket keeping duties he can throw in some big batting numbers. I have 3 Sri Lankans in my team, as I feel they can go far in this tournament.
I realise starting at the Super 10 phase puts me at a disadvantage, as I've missed all the points from the Knockout group phase, but take it easy on me, I'm still coming to terms with Ireland being knockout out! Plus, even after missing the first Phase, I've still moved up to 100th place in the Ireland league. As with all Fantasy games I join, my aim is to finish top half, any thing further up is a bonus.
If you know of any other Cricket Fantasy games that are worth playing, then please add a comment below.

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